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Sicor: quality, innovation, customer support.

Established in 1981 in Rovereto (TN), Sicor is a hoisting machines manufacturer specifically designated for elevators. Since the beginning, the company developed its business thanks to its international approach, technological innovation and quality commitment toward his final customer.

Through the years, a deep research and development process took place, which lead the company to improve and enlarge his range of products in order to satisfy the market needs. Sicor today provides to his clients a wide choice of products among traditional and gearless hoisting machines, capable to fulfill the most specific and particular application requirements.

During 2013 the new production plant was launched, with a total extension of 21.000 square meters, equipped with the latest and most efficient production solutions. Automation, optimized logistic and high precision processes, assure uncompromising quality and shorter delivery time, matching the growing needs of rapidity and flexibility required from the market.

Sicor mission has been always clear, to supply his customer with the best hoisting solution accordingly to his application requirements, going through a precise and accurate assistance throughout all the purchase process and post sale service.


We are Sicor. We are the hoisting machine. Since 1983.

Since 1983 we have been active in the lifting industry, producing cable traction systems for vertical transport of people and goods.
We strive every day to offer each individual Client the best possible quality and service, without compromise.
At Sicor, we approach all obstacles with openness and honesty; our conduct is characterised by the upmost levels of moral integrity and transparency.

We produce a comprehensive range of products at our Rovereto plant, designed to provide advanced and secure solutions for any system.

Our history keeps pace with innovation

We are determined in our endeavour to continue to develop and grow.

This is why we invest in innovation every year, so as to ensure that we always provide our partners with increasingly trustworthy and efficient products.

Our commitment to internationalisation motivates us to target markets across the world. We provide our international clients with a fine-tuned, broad and flexible range of machines, designed to suit a variety or vertical transport needs.

Some data:

  • A productive capacity of over 35,000 machines per year

  • The MR12 model is the absolute best-seller in its category, with over 400,000 units installed

  • We constantly serve over 350 clients

  • We operate in over 60 countries worldwide

  • We have been selected as a supplier for the 5 main multinationals in the sector

We have been operating for 30 years.
The enthusiasm and energy with which we serve our clients continues to grow.

Made in Italy

International vocation, with deep national roots.

SICOR’s gears are conceived, designed and assembled exclusively in Italy. This allows us to offer each Customer complete quality control. SICOR relies on a vast network of partners to supply its raw materials: over 200 Italian and foreign suppliers.

SICOR Geared


SICOR Gearless


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